I went almost two weeks without long-acting insulin and 2 days without even short-acting insulin waiting for prior authorizations. This landed me in the ER 3 times and sent me into a pancreatitis flare. And wasted about 3 hours of my doctor’s time to get insulin. This was not new either; I have been diabetic since I was a kid, so about 25 years. They also made me switch what kind I use, and that caused my sugar to be out of control for weeks, even after I finally got the insulin, while I determined my correct bolus dose of the new insulin.

– Kimberly S., Pennsylvania
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Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to fill a prescription only to be told that your insurance company requires approval before they'll cover your treatment? Have you ever waited for days, weeks, or months for a test or medical procedure to be scheduled because authorization from an insurer? Or are you a physician frustrated with the administrative headaches and their impact on your patient?

Prior authorization is a burden on patients and physicians alike. The process is confusing, time consuming, and — most importantly — can cause delays in patients receiving the care they need.

Please tell us know how prior authorization has impacted you. We are looking for stories from patients and physicians to highlight and draw attention to this issue that is impacting the health of so many Americans.

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