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Learn more about the effects of prior authorization on both patients and physicians.


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American Medical Association
During an early surgical rotation, Kansas City medical student Victoria Gordon felt a wave of heat flash over her entire body during a Caesarean section she was assisting. 
Healthcare Dive
In addition to a backlog of more than 9,000 prior authorization requests, L.A. Care failed to properly address more than 67,000 grievances or appeals from its members.
Physicians say the process to get approval from insurance companies before treating patients has gotten out of hand.
Fierce Healthcare
Doing your research is a good consumer practice for most purchases, but it’s especially important when choosing health insurance.
The Journalist's Resource
Doctors and insurers in the United States are often at odds about whether people should get certain medical treatments, including prescription drugs. Consumers sometimes get dragged directly into…

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Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to fill a prescription only to be told that your insurance company requires approval before they'll cover your treatment? Have you ever waited for days, weeks or months for a test or medical procedure to be scheduled because you needed authorization from an insurer? Or are you a physician frustrated with the administrative headaches and their impact on your patients?

Please tell us know how prior authorization has impacted you. We are looking for stories from patients and physicians to highlight and draw attention to this issue that is impacting the health of so many Americans.

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