Prior authorizations are the hidden additional cost of delivering healthcare. Each physician needs one full time staff member just to obtain prior authorizations. Items such as durable medical equipment, walking casts or splints costing less than $150 require at least 15-20 minutes of staff time for a prior authorization. This isn't the delivery of healthcare, this is rationing health services by making it too burdensome for patients to use the health insurance they are paying for.

– Dr. Joseph T., South Carolina
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Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to fill a prescription only to be told that your insurance company requires approval before they'll cover your treatment? Have you ever waited for days, weeks or months for a test or medical procedure to be scheduled because you needed authorization from an insurer? Or are you a physician frustrated with the administrative headaches and their impact on your patients?

Please tell us know how prior authorization has impacted you. We are looking for stories from patients and physicians to highlight and draw attention to this issue that is impacting the health of so many Americans.

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