Prior authorization comes between you and your patients’ care. The process needs to be fixed.
Prior authorization costs you valuable time.

Physicians complete an average of 31 prior authorizations per week. This administrative nightmare eats up roughly two business days (14.9 hours) of you and your staff’s time.* If an insurance plan covers a treatment that would benefit your patient, you shouldn’t have to waste time ensuring access to it.

Prior authorization undermines your expertise.

The criteria used for prior authorization are unclear. Physicians rarely know at the point-of-care if the prescribed treatment requires prior authorization, only to find out later when a patient’s access is delayed or denied. The ineffective system causes tension between you and your patients.

Prior authorization doesn't put your patients first.

Ninety-one percent of physicians say prior authorization sometimes, often or always results in care delays.* Your patients’ illnesses go untreated for longer because of an unclear, complicated process. Prior authorization is more than an administrative nightmare; it’s a barrier to providing timely, patient-centered care.