Prior authorization prevents you from receiving the care you need.
Your physician's opinion is undermined.

Your physician knows the best treatment for you. Unfortunately, they’re not always the ones making the final decision. Instead, a process called prior authorization is used to deny or approve treatment prescribed by your physician. Why is approval needed if your physician prescribed the treatment and you’re paying for a health insurance plan that covers it?

Insurers delay your treatment.

Prior authorization forces your physician to contact your insurance company or a pharmacy benefit manager to get approval before you can start certain treatments. Your treatment can be delayed anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks as insurers review the request. *

When time is wasted, your health suffers.

Prior authorization makes it harder to deliver quality care. Your physician and their staff spend hours submitting paperwork and calling insurers trying to secure approval while you wait for treatment. Some patients, frustrated with the wait and confusing process, abandon their treatment.

Protect your access to treatment!

It's time for Congress to demand insurance companies work together with physicians to improve the prior authorization process, ensuring patients have timely access to the care they need.

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